Day 4 – Overview

The day started with everyone in the ‘Pudong group’ going down to the foyer at 8am since we were going to be going into town for a look around the Insect and Animal Market, the market was good, there was heaps of tiny little animals there, rabbits,fish,mouse,cats, small dogs and amazingly crickets in bamboo caskets! After the look around the Insect and Animal Market we went over the road to a big market selling old secondhand Chinese things such as Buddhas, mirrors with little images on the back, Chinese coins and heaps of other stuff! Lots of people bought stuff there!




For lunch today we went out past the Park Hotel to a large dumpling place, we had pork dump , prawn dumplings and vegetarian dumplings, they were so good!!! We then went back to the hotel to unpack everything we bought and have a small rest after walking for so long.


After going back to the hotel we went straight to the Shanghai Planning Museum, at the museum there was lots of sculptures and paper models, next we went up a few cases of escalators and went into a gigantic,dark room and there was a massive sculpture of the
whole of Shanghai made from cardboard!! There was also a cylinder sort of room and it had a video from all around Shanghai on a ferry.

After the museum we went for a walk around some shops in the mall, we went to the M ‘n’ M world, it was so big, we got some M’n’ Ms for the ‘Wall of Chocolate’ they were so good! After the walk around the shops we went back to the hotel. At 7:30pm we went down to the river to board a ferry to see Shanghai at night on water! It was so beautiful and the lights on the buildings and trees we very pretty!




After the ferry we went to go and get some ice cream and after finishing our ice cream, we soon went back to the hotel. Since we had such a good day today, we can’t wait to see what Suzhou will be like tomorrow.

Abby and Joe