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Harvey Ash

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  1. Hope you arrived safely and the flight was ok. Have a wonderful time and please don’t loose anyway – the paperwork would kill Marie!!!
    Have a ball.

  2. Hope you’re working hard Ash! I’m sure everything is going smoothly and you are having a great experience.

    • Hi Mac and Ms Hartney,
      I’ve been having dumplings, rice and noodle everyday! So very different to home! I’ll send you a photo!
      Hope you’re working hard at school Mac!
      Mr Harvey

  3. Hi Ash
    hope that you are getting some sleep!
    We have run out of coffee pods…. boohoo
    Can you pick some up on the way home?
    Lydia πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lydia,
      I’m still getting a bit of sleep, but drinking plenty of coffee!
      It’s your shout!
      See you in a week!

  4. Hi Mr.Harvey.
    We are loving reading about your adventures!
    It sounds like you are having a brilliant time!
    I hope you buy lots of stuff from the shops.
    Are you using lots of Mandarin to speak with the Chinese people?
    Have a great time tomorrow,
    from Pippa πŸ˜€

    • Hi Pippa,
      We are having a fantastic time! Very busy, but learning a lot!
      I have been practicing my mandarin, but the Suzhou dialect is a bit different so I’m getting a little confused!
      You will have to teach me in Chinese when I get back!
      Mr Harvey

    • Hi Jaiden,
      The chicken feet are quite chewy and you need to eat the skin around the bone! They are okay one you forget about them being chicken feet!
      Hope you are working hard!
      See you next week!

  5. Hi. I miss you a lot I hope you came back soon.
    what have you been eating?
    .Is the water quality good?
    .where are you staying?

    • Hi Silver,
      We will back back very soon and are having a great time!
      I have eaten heaps of Chinese foods and they are so different the Chinese we have in Bendigo!
      The quality of the water is not good enough to drink, so we need to drink bottled water.
      We are in Suzhou at the moment at the Days Hotel and we got back to Shanghai tomorrow and stay at the Park Hotel again!
      See you in a week!

  6. Hey Ash/Mr.Harvey,
    Hope you’re having great over there, by the way have you traveled internationally before or is it you’re first time? also whats weather like over there? and are you a bit jelaous that Joe and Abby have more thoughts than you?
    Sorry about the load of questions can’t wait for you to come back and start teaching again Kind Regards Angus
    P.S. I know you’re full name now it’s “Ashliey Harvey”

  7. IH mr.harvey was the chicken legs good I cant read to night Im going to a pab so I hope you hav a nise day πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ ;( πŸ™

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