Hi I’m Jess, I am in Grade 5 at Eppalock PS and have been selected go to China! I am extremely excited to go to China as a part of the Team China Overseas Learning Experience! I am most looking forward to the Pearl Tower and learning more about China!

If you have any questions about the trip please use the comment section/ area below!

7 thoughts on “Jess

    • I didn’t really like them because they tasted weird and the thought of them being chicken feet was gross!

  1. Hi Jess.
    Looks like you are having loads of fun. Can’t wait to hear all your stories and see your pictures when you get home.
    Have you started to plan your next trip to China?
    Take care. Love Shez xx

  2. Hi Jess, hope you are having a great time. We love your blog stories and the photos.
    What is your favourite food so far?
    Is it hot there now?
    We miss you at school. From Pippa and Annemieka Symes x

  3. I hear that you managed to WeChat school – how cool was that? Hope you managed to give the students a little understanding of your experiences so far & some highlights. Must be weird seeing a school with so many students. Maybe Eppalock PS can have a PE stretch, warm up, co-ordination session on the basketball court like they do there? Be seeing you on Saturday but make the most of your new shopping skills 🙂
    Love Mum & Dad

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