Day 7 – Xin Cheng Gardens PS, Canal Cruise and Pearls Markets.

Today we went to the sister school and did paper cutting as well as sculptures. It was nice and relaxing.The sister school had hired 2 men for the day one did cutting and the sculpturing. I really liked the sculpturing . We had to make a rose and a cat on the sculpturing table. The paper cutting was really difficult and I didn’t like it that much but I still did it. We had to make a fox just by cutting on the lines and the the man would help us put the fox together by folding it. We met some really nice Chinese students in this class and tried to use our best Chinese to talk with them. We mostly used English and they all learn English at school and are excellent at it! Once we had finished the lesson, we shared some of our small gifts with the students and they were very happy to relieve some small koala toys! After we had finished the class, we said goodbye to our Chinese friends and went to lunch which was pizza again! We then exchanged gifts with the Principal and Assistant Principal. After this is was time to say goodbye to our new friends at Xin Cheng Gardens PS and wide thank them for their generosity and warm welcome for us during our time in Suzhou.

Then we were off to Tolangi Water Town which was located about 45mins away from our hotel. Tolangi is a 1 thousand year old town built with canals surrounding the streets. It is preserved due to the water surrounding it protected it during times of war.
60% is from the Ching & Ming Dynasties.
The number 1 paper cutting artist in China has his gallery here and the designs were outstanding and we admires his work especially given we had practiced paper cutting in the morning! He was much better than Mr Harvey!
The gardens were a lovely, peaceful place to be…..until the heavens opened & the torrential rains came. It has rain a bit since we have been in Suzhou because they have an annual rainfall of over 3000mm! After about 15min hiding in the information centre and cleaning the local shop out of all their umbrellas, we were off. We explored the streets & some pearls were purchased by some. We even saw the pearls being removed from the very large oysters!
Onwards to our gondola ride after the rains had passed and we had a peaceful float through the canal of Tolangi.
A damp walk back to buses & hotel bound for a quick stop and then out for dinner!

Then we were off to another restaurant for another amazing banquet of delicious local Chinese cuisine. With full stomachs we left the restaurant and had a wander around a local street before heading back to the hotel for our last night in Suzhou.










2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Xin Cheng Gardens PS, Canal Cruise and Pearls Markets.

  1. So much pizza Jess……….I thought you were going to China not Italy!!!! Do you want more pizza when you get home. I’m really interested to hear about the sculpture and sculpting – I love sculpture. Its probably my favourite art.

    Hey guess what……I can now say “looking forward to seeing you tomorrow”

    So happy to see you having such a great experience

    • Hi dad I am sick of pizza I need finger liking. I can’t wait to see you and mum with everyone else to. I wish I could Skype you.
      Love Jess

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