Day 6 – Xin Cheng Gardens PS, Tai Chi and Humble Administrators Garden

Today we went to Xin Cheng Gardens Primary School in Suzhou. We went on a special mini bus, just for the Golden Square PS, Specimen Hill PS and Eppalock PS. Once we got there we had to go to a meeting room and we learnt about the school. We met the Principal and watched a PowerPoint presentation about the school. There is 2000 kids there and 75 teachers and each class is the same size as our school! Each morning the whole school did morning exercises on the synthetic oval. They did whole school dancing in lines, skipping, basketball, handball and soccer. Mr Harvey and Mr Pysing played basketball with the other students. I did some of the exercise as well .They were really easy once you get the hang of it. Each time you put your phone up for a selfie, the other kids a would swarm you to get into the photo. It’s like we were famous!

We then went inside and participated in an art class with a whole class of Chinese students. It was hard because the teacher didn’t speak English only Chinese so we needed to guess what’ we were making. I drew a penguin on an oval shaped piece of paper. I met 3 girls who went to Xin Cheng Gardens and their names Chang,Doris and Suzi. Suzi was in the meeting with us and she had just come back from a 12 month exchange to Texas, USA. She spoke excellent English. After art class, we went and had lunch in the meeting room. There were lots of foods that we could choose from such as rice dumplings, chicken, shrimp and many others, but I chose to have pizza! After lunch we got the bus back to the hotel, but we will be going back to XCGPS again tomorrow.

We then went back to the hotel for about a hour and a half of resting and blogging. Then we went to go on a bus to do a tour. The tour was really fun. Once we stopped we tried to do Tai Chi in the park but it was really slow and difficult!

After Tai Chi, we went to visit the Humble Administrators Garden which a privately owned garden and is over 2000 years old! It was full of amazing rock features and stairs and hundreds of bonsai trees. The ponds were full of huge coy fish! We got to explore the gardens for a couple of hours before heading off to dinner!

We went out for dinner in Old Suzhou, which is over 2000 years old. All the buildings are ancient and any new buildings built must be the same height as these buildings. We saw some of the canals which Suzhou is famous for! For dinner we have rice, noodles, fish and a lot of other foods to choose from. The best dish was the Suzhou speciality of squirrel fish, which is coated in sweet and sour sauce! It is Mr Harvey’s favorite dish in China! After dinner we went for a walk around the streets and had some Starbucks for dessert!

We are over half way through our trip and having an amazing time! Back to school tomorrow and to the Suzhou Water Town.

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  1. Love the selfie Jess & Mr Harvey – and your fan club. Sitting in wet and cold Adelaide its been great seeing all your posts although I’m not sure about eating a fish that has something to do with a squirrel.

    Have fun

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