Day 4 – Planning Museum, Science & Technology Market

Today we went to the planning museum and science technology market. The planning museum had a model village of Shanghai. What happened was it lit up and it looked so cool and awesome. I loved it. It had the Pearl Tower and other major landmarks in Shanghai such as the Huangpu River and the Bund. There is history on one of the levels at the Planning Museum and you got to see and touch most of the stuff.They even had a hologram of what Shanghai used to look like in the 1900ms. I wish you guys got to see it.

After we went to the Planning Museum we went to the Science and Technology Markets and had lunch. There was some spring rolls, rice, meatballs and chicken feet. I ate the chicken feet but I didn’t like it much🐓. We then went to the the markets to barter and I bought some stuff and a really good fan for 5¥ which is 1$ in Australia. In one of the shops there was a lady pushing me trying to get me to buy something. I have become friends with Rory, Sam, Zoe, Liam and another Zoe. I am in a room with Charli. I miss you guys and I can’t wait to see you soon. I hope you are working hard.

Love Jess.😃😝

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From Jess & Mr Harvey .

5 thoughts on “Day 4 – Planning Museum, Science & Technology Market

  1. So good reading about your adventure Jess. We love your description of things, food, sights & hope you are making memories for a lifetime. Keep snapping those pics. Love Mum, Dad, Cole & of course, Clive & Milly xoxo

    • I am having an superb time and I’ll keep taking photos. Can’t wait to show them all to you!
      Jess xx

  2. Jess so happy that you are having a great time and seeing so much. I hope that Mr Harvey is trying chickens feet as well. Keep having fun, enjoying yourself and make the most of being in such a different place. Love you

    • Hi Dad,
      Mr Harvey had the chicken feet when I had them, but he didn’t really like them either! There isn’t much meat on them!
      Love you too!
      Jess xx

  3. Hi Jess and Mr Harvey – great to see you both this morning on the Skype session. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Continue to enjoy and look forward to hearing all about this amazing experience on your return. Take care.

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