Day 3 – Insect Market, Food Hall Lunch and Yu Yang Gardens

Today was a big day of walking and we covered 19km with about 25,000 steps! To start off the day we took the train through Shanghai to an Insect and Bird Market. After a slight detour and a couple of wrong turns, we eventually found that market! This was a traditional market which had heaps of strange and interesting animals, from strange fish to coloured frogs, plants, dogs, some cats and crickets in wooden cages! Jess really enjoyed the market but the array of smells were too much after about 20mins. It was a great authentic experience!

After this our Pearl group took the train to the a local food hall. This was a chance for the kids to order their own local Chinese food using their best Chinese and when that failed, a good pointing finger!

Once we had filled the tank, we took another train to the Yu Yang Gardens. There was a few little stalls here and there, there was also a pond with about 150 Coy fish! We spent some more time developing our bargaining skills around the gardens and bought some great little souvenirs.

We quickly headed back to the motel quickly to drop off our bags and grab some tea bed of our river cruise. We went to Yangs Dumplings, which is just around the corner from the motel and they have the best dumplings in Shanghai! We quickly ate these before we went to the river cruise on the Huangpu River.

We spent an hour cruising up and down the Huangpu River seeing the sights of Shanghai at night. There were lots of light and advertising on the buildings, which were great to see. The Pearl Tower looks amazing lit up at night. After we finished at the cruise, we made the most of an early night and were tucked up in bed by 10pm!

One more day in Shanghai and then off to Suzhou.

Mr Harvey & Jess











2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Insect Market, Food Hall Lunch and Yu Yang Gardens

  1. Looking good Jess. Glad you are having a great time. I hope you’ve forgotten the bartering skills when you get home – there will be no bartering over bed time or bed making. Love you and keep enjoying yourself.

  2. We can’t get over how much you are doing & experiencing! Loving the way you explain/describe your adventure & the fact you are enjoying shopping!!!! Love you heaps & keep smiling in those pics xox

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