Day 2 – Pearl Tower, Markets & ERA Circus

Today we went to the Pearl tTower. First we got on the train. It went really fast but there were not many people were on it. After we got off the train we had to line up to get our tickets for the Pearl Tower. The Pearl Tower is the tallest building in Shanghai and looks like the Chinese version of the Eiffel Tower. We were in line for a long time and to make it worse it was raining heavily. After we got our tickets we lined up to hop on the lift . When we got to the top everyone got to stand on the glass floor of the building which was 290m above the ground. I loved it, but it was quite cloudy and you could not see as far as you usually could!

Then we went to the markets to barter. I fond two 50 RMB yay. I still had a lot of money left from the first thing I bought, so I went and got 5 more things. I enjoyed it and really had fun learning to barter!

We went to the Circus at 6.30pm. We had to go by two different trains! There were lots of interesting acts at the circus like motorbike stunt man and special gymnasts! I was so tired I accidentally has a little nap half way through. I still liked the circus and we got back to bed at about 11pm!

From Jess👩🏽😄😃😝




2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Pearl Tower, Markets & ERA Circus

  1. #Eppalock

    Hi Jess,
    I hope everything is going well. I’ll be excited to hear about what you did in China when you get back.
    Love Bridie

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