Day 1 – Travel Day to Shanghai

The Team China Bendigo group met at the QEO at 5:40am to begin our trip to China. We left Bendigo just after 6am bound for Melbourne.

After a smooth bus ride to Melbourne, we all organized our passports and tickets and made our way through Customs at the airport. Once this was done we made our way through Duty Free Shopping and into the food court. This gave Jess a chance to grab some Hungry Jacks to tide her over until the flight. This also gave Mr Harvey time to have one last coffee before setting off!

Once we boarded the plane it was relatively smooth sailing all the way to Shanghai. Jess did a fantastic job of keeping herself amused playing games and watching movies on the flight and travelled really well for her first time overseas!

We arrived in Shanghai at 8:30pm local time (10:30pm Australian time) and made our way though customs and out to find our bags.

After we found our bags, we made our way to a bus which would take us to the Park Hotel. This bus gave us a chance to see Shanghai at night and experience driving in China (which involves a lot of horns).

We arrived the the hotel at around 10:30pm local time, organized the students into their rooms and it was straight to bed (which both the students and teachers were ready for!).

So after close to 18hrs of traveling with two bus rides and a long plane trip, we have all made it safely to the Park Hotel in Shanghai. We are all looking forward to a busy day of sightseeing tomorrow at the Pearl Tower and the Circus tomorrow night!



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