Day 7 – Xinggang School & Canal Cruise

Today we woke up early at about 6:30am, we were at breakfast by 6:45, as we needed to be left the hotel by 8:00 am to be at our sister schools by 8:30, we had to leave early because there is so much traffic in China. Before we left we had a quick Skype with the students at school. We talked about everything we have done in China and answered some questions that they had.

Today we were going to Xianggang School again. We met April at the hotel, she took us to the car and we jumped in. Bob, one of the students that stayed in Australia last year, wasn’t there today because he was at home, sick. At the school we met up with Andrew and the other exchange students from last year. At the school we walked up 8 flight of stairs to then begin our first class of the day Chinese, but before we did that we went to a Grade 5 (which is grade 6 in Australia) class to give them some gifts. The gifts we gave them were mainly Australian things like boomerangs, little kangaroos and Aussie chocolates. The were really excited to see us and enjoyed their presents.

In Chinese, we looked at some characters and did a few small character games like guess the character to the picture, then we got out some ink and drew heaps of different characters on ‘character paper’. The characters we drew were simple ones such as mountains, rain and mouth. The characters were easy to draw but sometimes it was difficult to understand the teacher as she mainly spoke in Chinese.

Next we went to a science class in the library. We were the first westerners who had been in this building! We made planes from styrofoam and rubber bands, firstly you make the plane structure with wood, next you add styrofoam wings and connect a rubber band to some hooks on the wood. To fly the plane you just wind the propeller to wind up the rubber band, you then release the propeller and the plane will fly. Then we had lunch in the cafeteria again which was pork, rice and vegetables. We took a picture and said goodbye to Andrew and April.

After eating lunch we came back to the hotel to get changed into our Team China t-shirts, and had a bit of a rest. Next we caught a bus to a canal for a boat ride. The ride was fun, you could see the old part of Suzhou on the right side and the new part on the left. On the streets of the canal there was a market so we did some shopping, we bought some Chinese fans and some Starbucks. The market was very busy but we got some photos with some little Chinese girls who were very cute. We gave them a Caramello chocolate each and they were not sure what to do with them until we showed them what they were!

After the market we got onto the bus and were dropped off to were the others were having tea. But we ( Kennington and Eppalock PS ) got out of the bus and walked across the street to get a taxi it took a while but we managed to get ahold of three at once. Next we went over to the mall to catch up with April and Andrew for dinner at a very nice restaurant, the restaurant was a traditional Suzhou place we also ate traditional Suzhou foods YUM! There was lots of dumplings, soup and lots of other food. We also had a special Suzhou food Squirrel Fish the fish looked very different it had little spikes coming out everywhere, the fish tasted a little bit like chicken. It is a fried whole fish (head and all) which curls up like a squirrel tail and it is covered in sweet and sour sauce. Mr Harvey said it was the best food he has had in China!

After dinner we said goodbye and caught a taxi back to the hotel. At the hotel we went to our rooms and packed up everything because tomorrow we will be going back to Shanghai!!!

Abby, Joe & Mr Harvey

















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