Day 5 – Travel to Suzhou and Tiger Hill

Today began at 6:30am when everyone was up a running around trying to get ready since we had to be at breakfast at 7:15. Before breakfast we went to Starbucks and tried to Skype school. It worked a little bit, but hopefully it will work better next time! After breakfast we all went back to our rooms and frantically searched to make sure that everything was packed away into our bags. Next we went down to the foyer to SKYPE our parents, after that we got our bags and loaded up onto the bus.

On the bus we met our tour guide Michael, he is really nice, he told us all about what Suzhou will be like. Suzhou is the little daughter city of China and has a population of 14 million people (Shanghai is the mother and has 25 million people). After an hour and a half we got off the bus at the Days Hotel. We went into the foyer to wait to be assigned were we will be staying, after about 10 minutes we all went upstairs to find our rooms. When we got there we put away our suitcases and realised we needed another bed so the cleaner came in and bought in another one. Next we met another tour guide Celia, she is very funny, we soon all boarded up onto the bus and set off for Tiger Hill, on the way Celia told us all about the history of Tiger Hill.

Tiger Hill in the largest hill in Suzhou and is 36m high with a giant pagoda on top of it. It was built over 1000 years ago and is built over where one of China’s emperors was buried. The people of Suzhou tried to dig into the tomb of the emperor, but it made the pagoda start to lean over, so they had to stop. The pagoda is nor being fixed and had to be covered in scaffolding. It is an amazing place with heaps of gardens filled with bonsai trees. Our tour guide took us all around the hill showing us the important areas and telling us the legends that accompanied them! We wandered around the grounds looking at all the ancient buildings and steep stone stair cases. It was really tiring walking up and down all the stairs after a few days of lots of walking! Once we finished at the hill, we got an ice cream and headed out for dinner!






We drove to an expensive area of Suzhou which is on the Jing Ji Lake, which means Golden Rooster Lake. We went to a fancy place to eat dinner which was right on the lake! We had heaps of really nice dishes and some different ones we haven’t had before! We finally got some chicken feet, but only Mr Harvey got to eat them. He said that there wasn’t much meat on them, but we’re nice once you forgot about the toenails! We also had some prawns which we had to eat with the shells on, which you needed to make sure you chewed really well! We have some chicken feet at the breakfast buffet, so hopefully we will get enough courage to try them before we leave! After we left dinner we headed straight back to the hotel and had a rare early night to catch up on some sleep!

Abby, Joe & Mr Harvey



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